Make Smart Presence work for Homey v2.0

Smart Presence

After Homey updated to v2.0 Smart Presence is not supported anymore, below is a fix.

Smart presence for Homey v2.0 can be installed with CLI

Here is a guide:

Check (on Homey) the Node.js version

  • Open your Homey app.
  • Press “more”
  • Press “settings”
  • Press “general”
  • Scroll down untill you see “System Information”
  • Press “about”
  • Scroll down untill you see the Node.js version, something like: v8.10.0

Now it is time to install Node.js on your computer

  • Download Node.js (Homey’s version you just found above or higher)
  • Install it on your machine (in my case Windows)

Now it’s time to donwload the app

Update the version number of the Smart Presence app

  • Download Notepad++
  • Important step: From the downloaded repository open app.json (with something like Notepad++) and search for and change the “compatibility” to “2.x”.
  • Save app.json

Now it’s time to connect to Homey using Node.js

  • Open “Node.js command prompt” which you have downloaded while downloading Node.js
  • In the command prompt type: npm i -g athom-cli (to install the athom-cli tools)
  • Wait for installation to finish

Now we use Node.js to login on Homey

  • On the command prompt type:
    • c:\Users\Jack>athom login (to log in on your Homey)
  • Now it will interact with your homey account and you need to fill in your username and Password.
  • Navigate to the ‘root’ folder of the App on your PC
    • c:\Users\Jack>cd desktop
    • c:\Users\Jack\desktop>cd terryhendrix-homey-smartpresence-6caf8e8d837f
    • c:\Users\Jack\desktop>cd terryhendrix-homey-smartpresence-6caf8e8d837f>athom app install
  • When you see the “succesfully installed” message your Smart Presence app is installed.

Above video might be of great help also!

Let me know if this worked out for you. In case you have questions feel free to write them below.

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