Mount networkshare in Linux

Using this manual is at your own risk, in my case it solved my issues. That’s the reason i want to share this topic with you.
My situation:
1 linux machine with OpenSuse and Dolphin
1 Windows 7 machine with a network share
1 NAS (Linux) with a network share

My problem:
When opening Dolphin in my Linux machine i want to be able to watch movies from my NAS and my Windows 7 machine. So i want them to be streamed over the network. Everytime when i try to open a movie using Dolphin, the Linux machine starts downloading the file instead of opening Gnome Mplayer / VLC / other movieplayers and directly stream the movie. This ofcourse is unwanted behavior, so i have been Googling around some days and finally i have found a solution.

When looking at all the hits on Google i am not the only one who had this issue. I found one thread which solved my issue, however i can imagine that there are lot’s of people out there who are not able to solve it using that thread because they are not that familiar with Linux. I’m not a Linux-geek myself so don’t shoot the messenger. I am only posting the solution that was helpfull to me.

How to solve the issue

Open a terminal window:

write down, and hit enter: su –
write down, and hit enter: [YOURpassword]

Write down, and hit enter: kdesu kwrite /etc/fstab

Add the 3 lines below and apply changes so that the lines fits your situation/network/folders:
[LINE 1]
//192.168.*.***[your_windows_machine_ip_adres]/folder1/folder2/folder3/windows_folder_which_you_want_to_mount/ /the/linux_folder_to_mount_into cifs username=[your_windows_username],password=[your_windows_username_password],_netdev,uid=[your_linux_username],gid=users,user 0 0
[LINE 2]
//192.168.*.***[your_nas_machine_ip_adres]/map1/nas_folder_which_you_want_to_mount /home/your_linux_folder_to_mount_into cifs username=[your_nas_username],password=[your_nas_username_password],_netdev,uid=[your_linux_username],gid=users,user 0 0
[LINE 3]
[the last line of the FSTAB file needs to be an empty line]

Click: SAVE

Now we continue with the next steps, open another or new terminal window:

write down, and hit enter: su –
write down, and hit enter: [YOURpassword]
write down, and hit enter: chmod u+s /sbin/mount.cifs
write down, and hit enter: chmod g-s /sbin/mount.cifs

Reboot your system

Open Dolphin

Now you are able to see the mounted folders in the left column. It looks like they are not mounted.
Click on one of these folders, and in the right part of the screen you will see the files which are in the mounted folders.
When you right click on a movie and open it with Gnome it will stream the movie (instead of downloading), when you have the correct codecs installed.

Now you solved 2 issues:
1) your shares are mounted
2) You solved the frustrating message ‘only root can mount’ (by doing the 2 chmod lines)

More information about this problem you’ll find at:

Enjoy streaming!

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